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Welcome Stationery Connoisseurs,  

Hi, my name is Melissa and I am the creator and founder of Ink & Paper Station. Thanks for stopping by and showing me some brotherly love!

I currently reside in North Carolina with my hubby Nathan and my furbaby, my dear toy Yorkie Zelly. I love love love did I say love chocolate (especially if it taste like hazelnut) I also love hydrangeas and the color pink! We both serve in the full-time ministry in our local congregation. We also work for ourselves to support our ministry in order to have more flexibility with our time and dedicate it towards our theocratic activities. My hubby is a Holistic Health Coach/Personal Trainer and I teach Pilates part-time and now I'm creating for you dear brothers and sisters a lovely service for your letter witnessing needs. I was raised in New York City (aka Boogie Down Bronx), so I think it is safe to say I am still a city girl at heart! Besides my love for anything stationery (and chocolate) and I mean the kind that I could get lost and spend hours in a paper craft store just touching and smelling all the paper goods (I know weird, right?) but you paper lovers know what I mean, I hold my ministry close and dear to my heart. 

I find that witnessing by letter is such a lovely provision and another avenue to reach others and encourage those who are looking to be refreshed! It also allows us to proclaim our Fathers name when we are feeling under the weather, perhaps sick or homebound or we just can't seem to find our favorite call at home. Plus, using ink and paper never goes out of style, despite all the technology, emailing, and texting that we have all gotten accustomed to. 

I also love using a good buttery smooth pen, especially if it is a fine point (at least .03mm or .05mm gel ink preferably please) and a good thick quality paper. There is something about writing a letter that allows us to step out of the digital world and put that ink and paper to good use while thinking of that other person and showing them how much we care!

Enough rambling, "laugh out loud" wink wink, I just want to say "Thank You" for being a part of my journey and supporting my creative ideas to keep your ministry fun, pretty and delightful, because who doesn't love to receive a personalized letter in the mail? 

Next time, grab your own personal Letter Writing Box, get together with your friends for some tea or afternoon brunch and do some letter writing!!! I promise you it's a lot of fun!


Melissa, xo

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